Assurance Wireless Free Phone [Apply Now Instantly]

Like the Safelink Free Phones program there is another program called Assurance Wireless Free Phone that is running with the same motive to give needy families their dream wishes in the form of a Free Government iPhone. We understand how important it is to find reliable information that how someone can get a free phone. And, for that purpose, the government has produced another program named Assurance Wireless.

Assurance Wireless is a government program that helps people with low incomes get free or cheaper cell phones and services. This program is part of a bigger plan to make sure everyone can keep in contact with each other. I’m here to give you lots of information and easy-to-follow steps to help you apply for this program.

Our goal is to give you the best and most helpful information so you can be well-informed. If you want to get a Free Government iPhone 14 or Free Government iPhone 7 you can also check our website for updates.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Purpose

Assurance Wireless is backed by government assistance programs with a specific goal of removing poverty. They provide free phone and data plan services to below-average-income families every month.

Assurance Wireless Free iPhones Main Programs

Assurance Wireless free iPhones are covered by the government’s main programs called Affordable Connectivity and Lifeline Assistance. These programs are running for middle-class families, so if you find someone struggling to get Free Government Smartphones, Just refer them to these programs, because helping someone is also a good deed!

Let’s take a piece of detailed information about these programs.

1. Assurance Wireless Free Phone Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline serves as an essential support for low-income households in the US, providing affordable phone services. In collaboration with reputable providers such as Assurance Wireless, Lifeline grants complimentary monthly services, including voice minutes, data, texts, and other wireless benefits. Moreover, some Lifeline partners, like Assurance Wireless, extend special discounts on communication devices, such as smartphones.

  • Main Requirement: Past one-year salaries fall under 135% by poverty level, Your residential information must be American and involved in SNAP, EBT, Medicaid, and SSI.

2. Assurance Wireless Free Phone Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) stands as a paramount government initiative in the UK, providing either low-cost or complimentary Assurance Wireless Free iPhones and internet to eligible low-income individuals and families. Tailored for those in genuine need, ACP collaborates with governmental entities to ensure free phone distribution.

The range of available options hinges on both funding and availability, ensuring recipients remain connected in our ever-evolving digital world. Apply for Free Government iPhone 8 Plus if you are looking for a handsome phone.

  • Main Requirement: Past one-year salaries fall under 200% by poverty level, Your residential information must be American and involved in SNAP, EBT, Medicaid, and SSI.

How Would I Qualify For Assurance Wireless Free Phone?

Registration is open for people who meet the requirements set by the government or specific rules in your area. You could qualify if your household earns a certain amount or if you are a part of different public help schemes.

Step 1: Qualify Procedure Through Income

Income and participation rules are crucial in government help programs. They assist in determining who is eligible for aid and ensure that it reaches those who require it the most. Income rules set a limit below 135% as per Lifeline and 200% as per ACP. If you have a question on How Long Will Affordable Connectivity Program Last? then check out our recent post.

The limits can be different depending on how big your family is and where you live because the cost of living varies. Participation rules might ask you to look for a job or participate in job training while getting help. They aim to support self-reliance and independence while receiving temporary aid.

Step 2: Qualify Procedure Through Government Assistance Programs

The qualifying programs of Assurance Wireless Free Phones are mentioned below:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Food Stamps
  • SSI – Supplemental Security Income
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Step 3. Qualify Procedure Through Age and Residency

To qualify for the free phone from Assurance Wireless the age must be above 18 years old and you must be a resident of America. These conditions must be fulfilled if you want to apply for this free phone scheme.

How to Get an Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone?

You can get an Assurance Wireless Free Phone and some Best Free Government Cell Phones by simply following the given steps:

Step 1: Check if You Qualify

To qualify for the “Assurance Wireless Free iPhone Government Phone” program, meet income guidelines, participate in eligible assistance programs, and have a valid U.S. address. Verify your eligibility through Assurance Wireless’ official channels.

Step 2: Get Your Papers Ready

Collect some papers to show that you qualify, These papers might include things like:

  • Papers showing how much money you make (like pay stubs or tax papers).
  • Papers proving you get help from government programs (like letters from those programs).
  • Papers that show who you are (like a driver’s license or passport).
  • Your Social Security number or proof that you’re allowed to be in the U.S.

Step 3: Fill Out the Form

  • You can apply for Assurance Wireless on their website or ask for a paper form. once they provide you with the form just fill in all the blanks for smooth operations.

Step 4: Send the Form

  • If you apply online, click the button to send your form electronically and if you are applying by using their form then send it to the relevant address given by the providers.

Step 5: Wait for an Answer

  • Assurance Wireless will look at your form and papers to make sure you qualify.
  • This might take a few weeks.

Step 6: Get Your Free Phone

  • If they approve your application, they will send you a free government iPhone 16.
  • It comes with some minutes and texts every month.

Step 7: Renew Every Year

  • You might have to show that you still qualify for Assurance Wireless every year.
  • You will need to provide updated papers if they ask for them.

Common Mistakes While Applying for Assurance Wireless Phones

  • Getting an Assurance Wireless Free Phone can be tricky for some people. One problem is proving you are eligible for it. You need to show you have a low income, but that’s not always easy.
  • Your Research behind applying for the free phone is also a big issue, some people did not do research that which Phone is best and just tried to apply, and when they received the phone they were not happy. so do detailed research. You probably need to see our posts on Free Government iPhone 13 and Free Government iPhone 11, which can help you choose the best mobile.

Assurance Wireless Free Phones List

As I mentioned earlier the research is necessary, so I am sharing with you the smartphone models with their features. Please take a look find the best one you like and apply for it through the Assurance Wireless Official Website. You probably need to apply for Free Government iPhone 15.

Data Plans By Assurance Wireless!

Assurance Wireless offers free monthly data, unlimited texting, complimentary monthly call minutes to qualified consumers, along with a free smartphone.

Free and some cheap data plans are mentioned below:

Free ACP Plan25GB high-speed data + 2.5GB mobile hotspot dataFree
$45 PlanUnlimited high-speed data$45
$20 Plan10GB high-speed data$20
$10 Plan2GB high-speed data$10
$5 Plan1GB high-speed data$5
500MB Data Add-On500MB high-speed data$3
1GB Data Add-On1GB high-speed data$5
2GB Data Add-On2GB high-speed data$10
5GB Data Add-On5GB high-speed data$20

Benefits of Using Assurance Wireless Phones Services

There are hundreds of benefits but the main benefits are worth mentioning below:

  • Assurance Wireless extends a complimentary mobile phone to qualifying users, along with a generous allocation of 250 free voice minutes and 250 free text messages every month.
  • Assurance Wireless customers enjoy the benefit of no annual commitments or activation charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Assurance Wireless free?

Yes, Assurance Wireless is free for less-income families.

How do you qualify for Assurance Wireless?

You can qualify by following these criteria: Past one-year salaries fall under 135% by poverty level, Your residential information must be American, and involved in SNAP, EBT, Medicaid, and SSI

How to upgrade the Assurance Wireless free phone?

You can upgrade your Assurance Wireless free phone by purchasing a new phone or paying for additional features and services not covered by the free plan.

How can I get a free tablet from Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless mainly offers free cell phones, not tablets. However, if you want a tablet then follow our website article on Safelink Free Tablets.

Who qualifies for Assurance Wireless?

Eligibility for Assurance Wireless is generally based on participation in government assistance programs, low income, or other qualifying criteria. To know if you qualify, you should review the specific eligibility requirements for your state on the Assurance Wireless website.

Where can I get a free Assurance Wireless phones?

You can apply for a free Assurance Wireless phone by visiting their official website and completing the online application. Alternatively, you can request an application by phone or through the mail. Assurance Wireless will provide information on where to send your application during the application process.

Can I apply for Assurance Wireless Phone Replacements?

Yes, click on the Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement to apply.


Assurance Wireless offers free phones to those who might struggle to buy one. Their main goal is to help people stay connected, especially those with limited funds. By doing this, they ensure that more people can communicate easily and keep up with the digital age, regardless of their financial situation.

So if you are looking for a Free Government Cell Phone and Tablet then the Assurance Wireless Free Phone scheme is the best one.