Free iPad with EBT or Food Stamps [Apply Now Instantly]

Getting an Apple iPad is the wish of a lot of children, students, and families because of its functions and features, but it’s the budget that doesn’t allow them to fulfill their wishes. The US government has started plenty of initiatives to settle the needs of individuals and families like the Free Government iPhone program, the Free Government Tablet program, and many more.

Free iPad with EBT are also such an initiative by the government to fulfill the needs and demands of society. Although the Free iPad program is not as famous as the Free Tablet program, still it covers a lot of space that was not covered by the government cell phone schemes.

If you also wish to obtain a Free iPad then stay connected. In this article, I will share with you my personal experience and knowledge of getting an Apple iPad.

iPad was launched by Apple and the main difference between tablet and iPad is the operating system. iPads use a system called iPadOS which is made by Apple and similar to what iPhones use and tablets use different systems, like Android, Windows, or Chrome OS. So, iPads have their special way of working and are different from other tablets.

A free iPad with the EBT program is a tablet given at no cost to people who qualify for the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program. There is no specific program that offers Free Apple iPad directly, but they give you a huge discount on Tablets and iPads.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system is a convenient method used by the government to distribute assistance to those in need. Instead of old-fashioned paper vouchers, it uses a card similar to a debit card. This EBT card allows you to purchase essentials like food easily in stores.

Process Of EBT Card

To qualify for EBT, you need to meet specific income criteria and US residency. You can apply at your local SNAP or TANF office. Once your application gets approved, they will mail your EBT Card. You can activate it either online or by calling the number on the back of the card.

The top programs of free iPad with EBT or Food Stamps are mentioned below:

1. Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a comprehensive federal initiative designed to make internet services and electronic advancement to low-income families more accessible and affordable in the United States.

The program reduces the monthly internet service fee by up to $30, and this saving increases to $75 for residents on tribal lands or in regions with higher internet costs. Additionally, it provides a one-time discount of up to $100 towards the purchase of laptops, desktops, or tablets. Those eligible for the EBT benefit can receive these devices at no cost if they contribute between $10 to $50 toward the purchase

To be eligible for ACP the income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty instructions.

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a prominent wireless carrier that provides huge discounts on iPads to individuals receiving benefits through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system. Also, you can apply for an Assurance Wireless Free Tablet.

To be eligible for a Government iPad from Assurance Wireless, 2 things are very important.

  • Active EBT card.
  • Meet specified income criteria.

3. Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is another key player in the wireless carrier industry that offers discounts on iPads to EBT recipients. It also offers Safelink Free Tablets and Safelink Free Phones to needy society.

The eligibility criteria are the same as I mentioned above.

  • Active EBT card.
  • Meet specified income criteria.

4. Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program is also a federal initiative that supports low-salaried households by offering monthly discounts on internet services and offering Lifeline Free Tablet. Now Lifeline providers extend the benefit further by offering discounted and free Gov iPads to eligible customers.

5. Tribal Lifeline

This is a variant of the Lifeline program, specifically serving members of Tribal communities that provide monthly discounts on internet services and cell phones. Some providers under Tribal Lifeline also offer a discounted free iPad with EBT to qualifying Tribal members.

6. Connect2Compete

Connect2Compete is a program from Cox Communications that targets low-income families with K-12 students. The students who participate in the National School Lunch Programs are offered discounted iPads to support their educational needs.

7. Access from AT&T

Access from AT&T is another initiative to provide discounted iPads to students and families to reduce the gap between the societies. You can choose the best iPad as they have different ranges of iPads.

8. Internet Essentials Plus from Xfinity

Internet Essentials Plus from Xfinity also joins these efforts and provides cheap iPads and internet facilities to low-salaried families to enhance their access to digital resources. From this program, you can also get a variety of iPads.

9. Starry Connect

Starry Connect is a program by Starry Internet that offers comparable advantages by providing Free Government iPads to low-income families. This initiative underscores the critical role of internet connectivity in today’s digital era by ensuring that financially constrained households have access to essential digital tools

10. Mediacom Connect2Compete

Finally, Mediacom’s Connect2Compete program parallels the initiative by Cox Communications that offers discounted iPads to low-income households with K-12 students, particularly those enrolled in the National School Lunch Program.

This program aims to support educational development for children in financially constrained families by ensuring they have access to essential digital technology.

Some non-profit organizations that offer a free iPad with EBT are mentioned below:

PCs for People

PCs for People is an organization that gives out used computers and free tablets in UK to people and families who have limited resources of money. They have different programs, and one of them gives iPads for free to people who use EBT (a card for food assistance).

To get a free iPad from PCs for People, you need to have an EBT card that’s still working and your income has to be within a certain range.


EveryoneOn is a non-profit organization that gives internet access and connected devices to low-salaried families. To qualify for a free Government iPad from EveryoneOn, you must have an active EBT card and meet certain income requirements.

CalTech/MIT ResQ

CalTech/MIT ResQ is another non-profit organization that gives used computers and tablets to families that need them most. They also offer free iPads to EBT recipients.

To qualify for an iPad for free from CalTech/MIT ResQ, just meet the income requirements with an EBT Card.

The Free Geek

The Free Geek is a non-profit organization that collects, refurbishes, and donates electronic equipment to needy families. They offer a variety of programs, including one that provides free Government iPads to EBT recipients.


Bridgeway is a non-profit organization that gives a variety of services to US residents, including affordable internet access, discounted iPads, and connected devices. if you want to apply for a tablet through food stamps then do visit our post on Free Tablets with Food Stamps.

The eligibility requirements for a free iPad with EBT are mentioned below:

  • Income Requirements: The income criteria state that the household income should be within the limits of poverty guidelines which is 200%.You can check the latest guidelines on the US Department of Health and Human Services website.
  • EBT Card Requirement: You need to have an EBT card that is active on the current date.
  • Age Requirements: You age must be at least 18 years old to apply for the EBT iPad.
  • Additional Eligibility Criteria: Must have a K-12 student or be part of certain government aid programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or SSI.

The documentation is given below:

  • Proof of Income: Show your recent pay slip. If pay slips are not available then the second option is to submit bank statements endorsed by your employer and provide your tax returns as well.
  • Proof of EBT Card: A copy of your EBT card or a letter from the state agency that gave you the card can be used as proof.
  • Proof of Driving License and ID: Your government-issued ID card and driver’s license are required with your images attached to them.
  • Birth Certificate: A copy of your birth certificate is necessary to measure your actual age.
  • Government Benefits proof: These documents show benefits from retirement or pension, Social Security, unemployment compensation, and Veterans Affairs.

You can apply for a free iPad with EBT by fulfilling the following steps

  • Verify Eligibility: First, complete your research to check if you qualify for the program.
  • Collect Necessary Documents: Prepare all the required documents which include income limits proof, your EBT card, and any other needed eligibility evidence.
  • Online Application: Most programs offer an online application process. Create an account on the relevant website, add all of your details, and upload the gathered documents.
  • Phone Application: If you find difficulty in online applications, you can do it by your phone. Be ready to provide all the necessary details just as you would for an online application.
  • Mail Application: Check if the program has mailing options then attach your documents, complete your application form, and mail them to the given address.
  • Patiently Waiting is Necessary: After all the steps, wait for the right call. you will receive the response in a couple of weeks. Check our post on Free Tablets with EBT, if you need a tablet instead of an iPad.

As I mentioned no specific program is giving entirely free iPad, you have to pay something for that. As you can see the price difference between the iPad and other tablets is in the below table. These are expensive and that’s why these are on discount not entirely free.

Yes, you can exchange your old tablet with a Free iPad with EBT but it will depend upon the criteria offered by different programs. Your tablet condition matters the most, if its condition is not well then you have to pay some amount as well with a tablet to exchange for an iPad. The 5 programs that provide these facilities are:

  1. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
  2. Assurance Wireless
  3. Safelink Wireless
  4. Lifeline
  5. Tribal Lifeline

If your free Government iPad has problems, you should contact the group or program that gave it to you. They usually have a policy for fixing or replacing it. Below is the detailed policy and procedure for replacing free iPad with EBT.

Figure Out the Problem

Firstly clearly describe what’s wrong with the iPad. It could be a physical issue (like a broken screen or battery problem) or something with the software (like apps not working right or system errors).

Contact the Provider

Secondly, contact the organization or program that gave you the Free Gov iPad. Mostly they have a staff to handle these issues.

Explain the Problem

When you talk to the provider, give them all the details about your free iPad issues. Be specific and mention any error messages or steps you have already tried to fix it.

Follow Their Directions

The provider’s staff will help you figure out the issue. They might ask you to do some tests or give more information.

Fixing or Replacing

Depending on what’s wrong and their rules, they might fix your iPad and replace it with another one, or give you a new one.

Warranty Details

If your iPad’s problem is covered by the warranty, fixing or replacing it should be free. But if the problem was caused by an accident or misuse then you might have to pay for the repairs or replacement.

If your free Government iPad Application gets rejected then this doesn’t mean to be disheart. Go to the nearest providers and ask them for other Free iPad or Tablet options. They will guide you with some other Free Phones or Free Tablet options as they are giving tablets and phone services as well. Pick the best option fulfill the eligibility and find some other devices.

How do I get a free iPad with EBT?

To get a free iPad with EBT, join a program offering it and prove EBT status and eligibility. Remember iPad for free is not offered by any providers but a huge discount you can avail.

Can I get a free tablet with an EBT card?

Yes, some programs provide free Government tablets to individuals with an active EBT card.

Are there options to get a free laptop with EBT?

Absolutely! Various initiatives and programs provide free laptops to EBT cardholders. To qualify, you typically need to demonstrate your participation in the EBT program and comply with any additional criteria set by the program.

What are some general ways to get free tablets?

Free Tablets in California are often available through government programs, nonprofit initiatives, and corporate social responsibility projects. Eligibility can depend on factors like income level, participation in assistance programs like EBT, or educational needs.

Is it possible to get a free iPad with food stamps?

Yes, certain programs offer free Government iPads to individuals receiving food stamps (now commonly known as the EBT program).

What should I know about getting a free iPad?

Research programs for low-income or EBT recipients to get a free iPad. Understand eligibility and prepare required documents.

Many people, especially kids, students, and families, really want Apple iPads because they’re useful and cool, but they often cost too much. To help out, the U.S. government started some programs to give out Free Government iPads, iPhones, and tablets. These programs are for people who don’t have a lot of money and for those who get help from the government for food (like with EBT cards).

The free iPad with EBT program is not as famous as the free iPhone one, but it still helps a lot of people who couldn’t get help from other government phone programs. There are also charities like PCs for People and EveryoneOn that give away Free Gov iPads to those who need them.